here, baldie baldie baldie the hangman has arrived, but he's of no use. you have to tie your own ropes. death is no longer hanging from a ceiling, it resides in you.

Rum and coke

I stare down a glass. It's neither half full nor half empty. There is a gulp of self respect staring back at me. It's part blue and part black. I want to drink it up, but I know it'll burn my insides. I am though, fortunately or unfortunately, a cheat, I cut waves through still … Continue reading Rum and coke

Untitled #2

I wake up in the wrong bed, only to realise love has been replaced by a depression in the mattress. . I meet an acquaintance after two years. He tells me the last thing he remembered was me searching for love, and asks if I've found it yet. I tell him it goes to another … Continue reading Untitled #2